Tuesday, January 14, 2014

PA Core Tech & Writing: More Blogging and Writing Resources

My Feedly account is getting out of control again! It's time to share some of the great resources I've found through the tech blogs that I read.

10 + 1 Steps to Meaningful Student Blogging
This teacher gives tips for blogging with students based on her own experiences.

Chart--A Comparison of Educational Blogging Platforms
Kidblog, Edublog, Blogger, WordPress . . . so many choices. Which blogging platform will work best for your students?

How to Limit Access to Students' Blog Posts
Did you know there are ways to limit who can read and/or comment on your students' blog posts?

Rubrics for Blogging and Multimedia Projects
Rubrics and ideas for assessing student blogs and other projects.

Larry Ferlazzo's Best Posts on Writing Instruction
Peruse this list of quality links on the teaching of writing.

Five iPad Apps that Help Students Start Creative Stories
Sometimes the hardest part of writing is getting started!

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