Sunday, January 5, 2014

PA Core Tech & Writing: Implementing the Writing Process

The ReadWriteThink web site includes a strategy guide, Implementing the Writing Process, for teaching writing in K-5 classrooms. The guide, published by the International Reading Association, includes links to resources that support the various stages of the writing process.

The guide also includes links to lesson plans, student interactives, and printouts that support the teaching of writing through 8th grade.

A few years ago, I worked with a now retired 3rd grade teacher to integrate technology into the writing process. Each quarter, the teacher taught a different mode of writing after his students read a related story for homework. The students then used PowerPoint as their vehicle to write and edit, with a new slide for each new idea. During our weekly writing time, the teacher presented a mini lesson and then held individual meetings with students for personalized writing instruction and editing, while I handled the technology instruction and other questions. By the end of the quarter, each student had produced an illustrated storybook that we printed and shared.

Fast forward to 2014 . . . we could use the same process but create and edit the stories using Google Presentation (part of the our Google Apps accounts). Since the stories are created on the Web, the finished products can be accessed via shared links by parents, siblings, friends, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and others! This method meets several of the PA Core Writing Standards, including the Technology and Publication requirement, and gives our students an authentic audience. I'm guessing that students will take more pride in their work and will be more willing to edit to get it right if someone other than their teacher is reading what they write!

Please contact me to chat or schedule planning time to integrate tech into the writing process!

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