Friday, January 10, 2014

Use Google Drive Instead of a Flash Drive

Many students and teachers are using flash drives to carry documents from home to school and back again.  In the tech office, we have seen many panic-stricken students (and occasionally teachers) whose flash drives have failed. Maybe the drives have gone through the washing machine, have been stepped on, have fallen apart, or otherwise just stopped working.  As hopefully you haven't learned the hard way, flash drives are not always the most dependable place to store your work!

Did you know that you can use Google Drive much like a flash drive? Did you know that you can easily and safely store Word documents, videos, pictures, and other files in Google Drive that you created with other software? Remember that once files are stored in Google Drive, they are accessible from any computer with Internet access!

Teachers can download and install a Google Drive folder on their school and home computers that acts like any other folder on your computer. (Students, of course, can install the Google Drive folder on their personal computers.) Save there instead of to a flash drive.

First you'll need to download the Google Drive folder to your computer. Login to your Google Apps account and click on "Connect Drive to your desktop" and follow the installation instructions.

Additionally, there are other ways to add files to your Google Drive. Watch this video for step-by-step instructions.

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