Sunday, February 16, 2014

Promoting a Love of Reading

As you probably know, March 3 is NEA's "Read Across America" Day. The links below include tips
He could even read the TV Guide upside down!
to help foster a love of reading in your students as well as in your own children.

I admit that I'm perplexed as to how this works. We have two sons who grew up as "teachers' kids" with access to books, magazines, newspapers, etc. from a very early age. We always read to them. They shared many of the same teachers, who also encouraged them to read. We told them we would buy any books they wanted if they would read them. We modeled; they saw us buying and enjoying books and other reading materials.

Well, they are now both in their 20s, and one is a voracious reader while the other doesn't enjoy reading nearly as much!  How did that happen?

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Nurturing Literacy:  Tips and Resources for Developing Lifelong Readers

Top 10 Ways to Use Technology to Promote Reading

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