Monday, April 7, 2014

Creativity, Research, and Smart Notebook Lessons

Power Up! Technology and the Illusion of Creativity
You're probably aware that the revised Bloom's Taxonomy now lists Creating at the top of  the taxonomy. And it appears that students are now being very creative when they use their computers, iPads, and cool apps and software to produce awesome-looking products. But is it the student or the technology that's being creative? Read what Doug Johnson has to say!

Modern Chalkboard
This new site offers FREE (at least for now) SMARTboard lessons for K-5 classrooms. These lessons will open in Smart Notebook software, and some have accompanying worksheets. It looks like the plan is to align the lessons to Common Core Standards.

Helping Students Understand the Difference Between Primary and Secondary Sources
This blog post includes an embedded video from Commoncraft that will help students differentiate between primary and secondary sources when they research.

Three Good Web Search Tutorials for Students
Help students to research effectively by starting your projects with a review of some of these tutorials.

Tutorial for MLA Format in Google Docs
If your students turn in wonky Works Cited pages that they've typed in Google Docs, this 5-minute video will show an easy way to format the hanging indents that MLA requires.

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