Thursday, May 22, 2014

Writing, Math, iPhone Photography, and Dip!

Good Web Resources that Teachers May Not be Using
I was not familiar with the three web sites discussed in this post. Two, The Five Sentence Challenge (for students under 16) and The 100-Word Challenge (for beginning writers), allow students to post writing samples and receive constructive feedback from teachers around the world. The third, Minden Math, is a similar site for posting solutions to math problems.

Creativity Apps for iPads that Primary Teachers Love
Read about Tellagami, Haiku Deck, Adobe Voice, and Story Creator and how students can use them for presentations and storytelling.

Ten Rules for Great iPhone Photography
I use my phone more and more for taking photos because I always have it with me! (And I like to post to Instagram--barbwit56) Read these tips to get the most out of your iPhone camera!

And a Friday Food Flash! 
I haven't tried these dips yet, but they may be the perfect addition to your Memorial Day picnic!
Best-Ever Southwestern Bean Dip
The Dip

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