Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Digital Baker's Dozen of Resources for all Subject Areas

Below are a few of the resources I've been hoarding in my Feedly and Twitter accounts!

10 Ways Social Media Can Improve Writing in Your Classroom
A high school teacher explains how social media can positively impact student writing.

Changing Face of Early Literacy--Why Digital?
A first grade teacher discusses how she uses tweets, blogs, and other digital sources for shared reading and explains why she made the switch from only traditional text.

Persuasion Map Helps Students Formulate Persuasive Essays
Read about this interactive guide from the Read Write Think web site.

A Collection of Examples of Classroom Blogs
Are you thinking about starting a classroom blog or having your students blog? Visit this collections for ideas!

Common Core in Action:  Writing for an Audience
Ways to engage students in real-life writing, beginning in second grade.

Dozens of Math Games for Primary and Elementary Students
Matific--Math resources for Grades K-6.
Guided Math Word Wall Posters

A Surefire Strategy for Building Classroom Community
Three Question Activities to Connect Students

Two Good Random Name Selection Tools
Viewing Discovery Education (UnitedStreaming) Videos on an iPad
6 Uses for Evernote in the Classroom

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