Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Assessment, Research, Video, SMART, and Language Arts Resources

Recent finds from my ed tech blogroll:

Well, this is interesting! Plickers allows you to gather assessment data from your students much like a "clicker" system or the Socrative app. But Plickers uses paper instead of student devices! Only the teacher needs a smartphone or iPad. Find out more at Plickers:  Classroom Clickers without the Clicking. And read about the recent update to Plickers.

I think I've shared this strategy in an earlier post, but Catlin Tucker does a good job of illustrating how to sort Google search results by reading level. This will be very helpful to students who struggle to comprehend the information they find while researching.

Love this idea! Did you know you can add picture-in-picture graphics in a video using iMovie? This is a great enhancement to student-created newscasts, book talks, etc.

Have you checked Modern Chalkboard recently for new K-5 SMART Notebook lessons?

If you're looking for fiction and nonfiction reading passages aligned to Common Core State Standards, you might want to check out ReadWorks. According to the Free Technology for Teachers blog, vocabulary lists have been added recently. And all of the ReadWorks resources are free!

Have students bring historical or fictional characters into the 21st century with fake Facebook profiles or fake text messages. Read more about these tools available at

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