Thursday, September 4, 2014

Google Classroom and a Friday Food Flash!

Have you had a chance to try the new Google Classroom? If you and your students are avid Google Drive users, you will want to check out this new service that was added to our Google Apps account recently.

To access Google Classroom, go to and sign in with your Keystone Google Apps account. Or from your Google Drive, click on the Apps icon to the left of your login name in the upper right of your screen. Scroll down to find the Classroom icon.

Google Classroom is a learning management system along the lines of Edmodo. At this point, it's pretty basic, but I expect Google to continue to update this and add functionality.

With Google Classroom:

  • You can create a classroom for each of your classes. You can add students yourself or give students the provided code to add themselves.
  • When students are added, a folder for that class is also created in the student's Google Drive, along with assignment files for the class.
  • A folder structure is created in the teacher's Drive, including a folder for each class, a folder for each assignment, a folder that includes templates for each assignment, and any additional class work files.
  • Teachers can see which assignments were turned in, grade the assignments, and return the work to students. No printing needed!

Teachers can add announcements and assignments to Classrooms. You can upload files, attach files from your Drive, and add YouTube videos and links to web sites.

Read more about Google Classroom below and let me know if you'd like help setting up your Classroom!

Google Classroom:  A Sneak Peak (Click the link in the upper right to move past the ad page, which is blocked by our filter.)

10 Tips to Use Google Classroom Effectively--Infographic

And a Friday Food Flash:  German Apple Bread
This is a very moist, delicious bread! Cut your apples in small chunks for easier slicing. Eat one loaf and freeze the other for later . . . if it lasts that long!

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