Monday, December 8, 2014

Resource Roundup

Google Apps
Google Classroom users:  Now you and your students can customize your avatar (picture) in Classroom.  Add a picture of yourself, of your favorite pet--personalize! While in Classroom, click the settings "hot dog" in the upper left, then the settings gear at the bottom. Click "change profile picture."

Although the premise of Google's Teach Parents Tech is to allow children to provide tech support for their parents, it's a good way to answer tech questions for anyone. Just choose a topic and insert an email address, and a tutorial video will be emailed free of charge!

Richard Byrne from Free Technology for Teachers demonstrates how to use Google Spreadsheets to create a Jeopardy-style game show. This looks like an easy and fun way to review with students before a test!

If you haven't had a chance to watch my Tech Talk Tip video on the Tab Scissors and Tab Glue Chrome extensions, take 2 1/2 minutes and learn something new!

The 50+ Ways to Tell a Story wiki offers digital tools, story starters, and more to get you and your students started on writing digital stories.

Digital Storytelling and Authentic Assessment discusses apps and other tools that will get students excited about writing.

A new study found that texting tips to parents on building language skills helps their students perform better on literacy tests. If you don't want to share your cell number, use a free service like Remind that allows you to send texts but doesn't provide your number or allow the recipient to respond. Parents are provided with a code to join in on this one-way communication.

Read about Apple's free ebooks that include lesson plans for some favorite apps.

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