Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fourth Graders "Vacation" Via Green Screen

Vicki Cotton's fourth graders "vacationed" in several areas of the Northeast through the magic of green screen technology! Mrs. Cotton developed a list of points of interest and had students choose areas they would like to visit. The kids then researched what they could do and see in those areas.

We used the Green Screen by Do Ink app to take pictures of the students with their vacation spots in the background. Mrs. Cotton printed the pictures, and the students wrote postcards as though they were on vacation, describing what they learned through their research.

I wish I had taken pictures of their completed postcards, because the students did a great job of writing, and some were very creative! As luck would have it, by the time I thought of doing so the students had taken their postcards home to share with their families.

Below, however, are samples of the postcard pictures created in the Green Screen by Do Ink app!

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