Thursday, April 16, 2015

Kindergarten Students Write about Math

An early morning conversation with Kindergarten teacher Vicky Campbell resulted in a successful book-writing project that addressed writing, reading, math, and technology standards!

Mrs. Campbell mentioned that her students were studying plane shapes. Since she was awarded a Keystone Education Foundation grant that provided iPad Minis for her classroom, we decided to have the children use their iPads to photograph examples of each of these shapes. Then they became authors as they used the Book Creator app to write about their pictures.

It was an adventure for the children to walk through the halls in groups of two or three to find and photograph the perfect items for their books! It was especially fun since we were often out and about during the lunch periods when there were lots of other students in the hallways.

Next, we taught the kids how to crop their pictures and then start a new project in Book Creator. They imported their photos and began writing about the shapes. They loved how the app "guessed" what word they were typing and then popped it up with the correct spelling!

Finally, the students adjusted the picture sizes and changed the font and background colors so that each of their pages looked just right.

Enjoy reading Gavin's The Awesome Shape Book embedded below or view it on YouTube.

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