Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Resource Roundup--Blogging, Google Apps


Our PA Core ELA Standards include the use of digital tools for publishing writing beginning with the early elementary grades (ELA Writing 1.4--Technology and Publication). One way for students to publish their writing for an audience is by blogging.

Download the podcast included in this post to your phone, take a walk or a run, and listen and learn! (From The Nerdy Teacher blog)
In this episode, William Chamberlain (@WmChamberlain) talks about Blogging and giving students a voice outside of the classroom. If you have been interested in connecting your students with others teachers and students, this is the podcast for you. Check out #Comments4Kids for more info on making these great connections.

Google Apps

Three Google Chrome Apps for Leveled Reading (From the Shake Up Learning blog)
Learn about Chrome apps that can support readers in your classroom. They offer a variety of ways to find leveled reading materials by Lexile and grade level.

Gmail:  Undo a Sent Email (From Catlin Tucker's blog)
I told the juniors about this Gmail Lab, but I'm not sure I've shared it with faculty and staff. I actually enabled this in my account a while ago, and it's come in handy at least once when I hit "Send" before I was done composing.

10 Tips for Folders in Google Drive (From the Teacher Tech blog)
Get your Google Drive organized once and for all with these folder management tips.

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