Monday, April 13, 2015

Resource Roundup--Google Apps and Classroom

Google Classroom

60 Ways Math Teachers Can Use Google Classroom (Teacher Tech blog)
If you thought Google Classroom wasn't useful for math classes, think again!

Google Docs

Google Docs:  Viewing Permissions (Teacher Tech blog)
Permissions can get a little confusing when you want to share a Google Doc. This sketchnote and accompanying slide show might help.

5 Ways to Make Professional-Looking Google Documents (Teacher Tech blog)
Use some formatting tricks and add new fonts to kick up your Google Docs a notch!

Convert PDFs to Google Docs to Differentiate Instructional Materials (Free Technology for Teachers blog)
If you need to change a PDF but don't have special editing software, try converting it to a Google Doc.

Google Forms

Google Forms:  Quick Start Guide  (Teacher Tech blog)
Google Forms are great for creating surveys, but have you considered using Forms to administer quizzes and tests? This guide will get you started.

How to Print a Google Form and/or Save it as a PDF (Free Technology for Teachers blog)
Keep this in mind if you're giving a quiz on a Google Form and not all students have access to the Web.

Free Webinar Recordings--Search Strategies and Google Forms ((Free Technology for Teachers blog)
Take a look at these free, 30-minute pre-recorded webinars and learn a few new tricks.

Google Search

25 Google Search Shortcuts You Need to Know
Did you know you can get information from Google by typing in just a word or two?

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