Sunday, August 9, 2015

Doodlecast Pro Whiteboard App is Free!

This morning I shared a Facebook post from the Learning in Hand page indicating that the Doodlecast Pro whiteboard app, which usually sells for $4.99, is currently free. I don't know how long the app will be free, so grab it while you can! I already had the app installed, so I must have caught it previously at this great price.

What can you do with a whiteboard app?

  • Create quick presentations.
  • Create tutorials for your students (screencasting).
  • Have students solve and explain math problems.
  • Record student reading or other work samples.
  • Allow students to demonstrate understanding for a variety of subject areas.

I played around with the app today and discovered you can:

  • Choose from a variety of backgrounds, including notebook paper, graph paper of various sizes, music staff paper, a tic-tac-toe grid, sports grids, and more.
  • Snap your own pictures from within the app to use for your backgrounds.
  • Import any picture saved in your Photos app.
  • Annotate your pictures.
  • Record your voice.
  • Create multiple pages for one presentation.
  • Save Keynote or PowerPoint presentations as pdfs and then import into Doodlecast Pro to annotate and explain.
  • Export directly to YouTube, Google Drive, Dropbox, or your Photos app. This makes it easy to post tutorials or lessons to Google Classroom!
  • Email a video directly from the app.
Although you can draw straight lines or free draw, there is no way to type text. (You can type text in other apps, however, and import into Doodlecast Pro.)

Download the app today and then check out this tutorial that a teacher created for her students.

How can YOU and/or your students use Doodlecast Pro in your classroom this year? Add your ideas in the Comments below!

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