Tuesday, October 20, 2015

#GoogleTips--Get More Out of Your Google Drive

Although I have been "preaching Google" for a couple of years now, you still might be unclear on how you can productively use your Google Drive. (Parents, do you realize that if you have a personal Gmail account, you also have a Google Drive with free software?) Why you should convert to Google Drive when you are perfectly happy using Microsoft Office?

Consider these reasons:

  • Google Drive is your "online hard drive." Files that are stored in your Drive can be accessed from any computer that has Internet access. Start your work at home tonight in Google Drive and finish it tomorrow at school; you won't have to email your files or save them to a flash drive.
  • If you download Drive to your computer, you will have access to your files even when you are offline. Your files will sync automatically when you connect again to the Internet. There are also free Drive apps for your tablet and smartphone.
  • Your Keystone Google Drive has UNLIMITED storage. Flash drives do not! And your files are backed up on Google's servers, so you won't lose them if your computer crashes. (Personal Google/Gmail accounts give you 15 MB of free Drive storage with the option to purchase more.)
  • From your Drive, you can create word processing documents, slideshows, spreadsheets . . . just like in Microsoft Office. The difference is that Google software is free!
  • You can store almost any file type in your Google Drive. This includes Microsoft Office documents, videos, photographs, pdf files, and more.
  • If you use Chrome or Firefox as your Internet browser (and I recommend using Chrome with your Google accounts), you can drag files from your computer's desktop and drop them into your Google Drive for safekeeping and easy access.
  • Any file created in Google Drive can be shared with others for collaborative editing, commenting, or viewing.
Take a look at this Google Doc that I created for a staff training to learn more tips on Chrome and Google Drive.

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