Monday, January 25, 2016

Common Sense Media Helps Parents and Teachers Sort through the Digital Overload

How can we parents, teachers, and caregivers sort through the thousands of new websites, apps, books, games, and other media released weekly to make good choices for our children and students? How can we be sure that the hottest new movie is appropriate for our families or that a particular app or video game has some redeeming educational value?

It's Common Sense Media to the rescue! This organization provides free "unbiased information, trusted advice, and innovative tools" to help parents, educators, and policymakers use media and technology in a positive way to benefit children.

Their website offers:

You might want to check out Common Sense Media before your next purchase of apps or video games or before your next family movie night!

Thanks to Jennifer Ehehalt, Common Sense Media representative from the Allegheny Intermediate Unit, for presenting this information recently at our Riverview IU 6 Tech Integrators meeting.

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