Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Google Reminders Added to Your Google Calendar on the Web

You may have noticed that a new feature has been added to your web-based Google Calendar recently. (This functionality was added to the Google Calendar app a few months ago.) When you click in your calendar to add an event, you now have the option to add a Reminder. Like Calendar events, Reminders can be set as "all day" or for a specific time of day. Reminders can serve as your to-do list!

The Reminders on your calendar automatically advance daily until you click on them to "mark as done."

To begin using Reminders on your Google Calendar, click the arrow to the right of "Tasks" under "My Calendars." Choose "Switch to Reminders." 

Of course, your Reminders will sync among all of your devices. Currently, although Reminders works with Gmail's Inbox app, a list of Reminders doesn't appear on our Gmail web screens like our Tasks lists. Hopefully that feature will be implemented soon!  **UPDATE:  The Gmail Inbox app does not support Google Apps for Education accounts at this time.

Learn more about Reminders:
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