Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Resource Roundup 4.26.16--Google Apps

Google Apps

11 Tips When You're New to Google Apps for Education, by Alice Keeler
Even though we're not new to Google Apps, take a minute to review these tips. I'll bet you learn something new!

How to Add Word Art to Google Slides, from Free Technology for Teachers
Yes, Google Slides includes word art.

Stay on Task with Updates in Google Keep
Google Keep is a note-taking app that integrates with Google Apps. Read about the potential educational benefits of the recent updates from Free Technology for Teachers and Teacher Tech.

Google Slides:  Create Branching Slides for an Interactive Google Slides Experience, by Alice Keeler
Learn how to create a Google Slides presentation that advances depending on choices made by students. For example, design a self-checking formative assessment that gives immediate feedback! Or have students create interactive storybooks (like these that former KHS students wrote years ago) that allow readers to choose their own endings. There are so many possibilities; let me know if you need help!

Google Forms:  Creating a Branching Quiz Question, by Alice Keeler
Use a Google Form to create a self-grading formative assessment that gives immediate feedback and additional instruction when needed. Let me know if you want to try this and need help!

Google Classroom and Newsela Now Integrate!
Did you know that you can now integrate Google Classroom with Newsela? Newsela is in the process of allowing educators to upload their Classroom rosters and then to distribute articles via Classroom! If it doesn't work for this school year, it should certainly be an option for next year. Read more about this new feature on the Teacher Tech blog and find instructions on the Newsela website.

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