Monday, May 16, 2016

Resource Roundup 5.16.16

Language Arts

ReadWorks Publishes Summer Reading Packs for K-12, from Free Technology for Teachers
These packs are free to download and print and include ten articles per pack.

Google Apps

4 Google Apps for Education Updates You Might Have Missed, from Free Technology for Teachers.
Check this summary of recent updates.

Google Drive:  Use the Search Filter, by Alice Keeler
Google Drive uses Google's powerful search engine to help you easily and quickly find files you've created or that others have shared with you. Did you know you can search by file type?

How to Blend Images in Google Slides, from Free Technology for Teachers
Learn how to use transparency to blend one picture into another using Google Slides. I strongly suggest that you guide your students to Pixaby or Photos for Class to find Creative Commons images that they have permission to use in their projects. Alternatively, send them to the Creative Commons search, where they have access to images, music, etc. from several different sources.

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